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  1. Hi SingularEngineer( I don’t know your name),

    I recently started using PIC18 series micro-controllers. Previously I worked with 8-bit AVR controllers. And I want to say THANKS to you for writing these cool PIC( XC8 ) tutorials. I have gained/learned a lot from your tutorials. You have done a awesome job.

    Request: Is there anyway you can write a tutorial on USB-HID device implementation on PIC18 ?

    Thanks Again

    1. Hi Vivek,
      Thanks! That’s more encouraging to keep writing more tutorial. Glad that you worked on AVR and also looking into PIC. I actually started on USB but haven’t got time to complete it. Just subscribe and one day you’ll get an email about the new topic.


  2. Hi SE,

    Just want to say the same thing as Vivek – thanks very much for the informative and up-to-date tutorials. I have looked at many tutorials and yours would have to be the most useful and straight to the point. I also come from an 8-bit AVR background so your tutorials have been very helpful in getting me started with PIC18s and dsPICs! I hope that you manage to find the time to keep up the good work!


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