Tag: Wordpress Migration


I was running this blog on a shared hosting for a price. A few months ago, the offer expired, and I cannot justify paying the new price in 2018. Therefore, I started looking for other options and found Linode (https://www.linode.com/). For a reasonable price I was able to get a virtual private server (VPS) which I can use for hosting my WordPress site and other experiments on the side. My previous host option was a shared hosting. After switching host and going through all the update, the performance is day and night!

Google chrome (and may be other browsers) will eventually start notifying users about sites with SSL status. The price for setting up SSL in a shared hosting is just crazy. With a new VPS, the check list of things to get a site up and running might look challenging. But then I found out about Easy Engine (https://easyengine.io/) which made the whole process a breeze (including setting up the SSL).

I have restructured the menu by adding in a new topic called ‘Blog’. Blog is where I will be adding in topics that I might find interesting to write about. My previous posts are now moved into ‘Old Entries’. These are mostly PIC topics which are now obsolete. I have put a lot of time on those posts and did not feel like deleting them completely.

I got some new needs and ideas which will be covered in the ‘Projects’ section and the progress will be covered in the ‘Blog’ section. Hope this year is going to be good!